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FABC (VIC) Letter to ‘the Age’, August 2011.

Re: Inquiry into ABC needed

ABC audiences have observed first hand the result of the ABC’s backdoor privatisation that Quentin Dempster outlined in ‘Deliberate dismantling of our diminished ABC continues’ (The Age, August 4). Many programs screened on ABC TV are now barely distinguishable from offerings on commercial channels.

The ABC was envisaged as a producer of programs of cultural value and intellectual integrity. Instead, Australia’s public broadcaster is being transformed into a platform for programs that are made by the same companies that make programs for commercial television, and with an eye to commercial sales after first screening on the ABC.

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FABC (VIC) Letter to the Australian, 5th August 2011

Re: Inquiry into ABC needed

Dear Editor,

Friends of the ABC shares The Australian’s view that there should be an inquiry into the ABC. (The Australian editorial, August 4) The ABC’s announced cuts to TV programs and staff come on top of the broadcaster’s closure of its acclaimed Natural History Unit in 2007 and it outsourcing to the commercial sector all local television drama and documentaries. Continue reading