The Importance Of The ABC

An estimated nearly 90 percent of Australians use the ABC radio, television or online, every day.

Even for Australians who do not often view or listen to the ABC, the corporation still represents a very valuable resource for our country and all its citizens.

It is this country’s independent and comprehensive public broadcaster, free from influence of both government and commercial interests. It is able to report without fear or favour, and in a country which has a high concentration of media ownership it is an essential part of our democracy.

The ABC’s Charter obliges it to contribute to our sense of cultural identity and promote Australia and its views to the nation and, through its overseas radio and television arms, to the rest of the world. It must promote the performing arts within Australia; provide programs of an educational nature, and news and current affairs programs.

When an ABC program has a strong audience share and sets the pace for innovation, it has set a benchmark for the commercial media to follow.

Rural and regional Australia are also very dependent upon the ABC for entertainment, news and weather services.

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