Action: Save the ABC

For Sale Aussie

The Government is interfering in the ABC’s independence. ABC funding and
Australia’s important international TV service is threatened.

Online petition/letters are helpful. But far more effective are personal letters, phone calls and/or requests to meet your local Coalition Member of Parliament or Senator in your state.

 Tell them in your own words:

  • The ABC’s independence from government is critical. You regard the
  • Government’s announced review of ABC efficiency as an alarming  interference in the ABC’s independence.
  • The Coalition promised before the election to uphold the ABC’s independence. Mr Abbott personally promised that ABC funding would be maintained. You expect the Government to adhere to its promises.
  • Australia Network is a service by which all Australians will be judged overseas. International broadcasting must continue to be provided by Australia’s independent national public broadcaster.

Spread the word and urge others to act and to join Friends of the ABC.

Only with thousands upon thousands of members can FABC ensure the ABC
is protected.

Identify & contact your local MP and Senators.
(Enter your postcode in the Keyword search box near the end of the page)

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