ABC Friends (WA) incorporated (ABCF-WA) was established under the name ‘Friends of the ABC (WA) Inc.’ more than thirty years ago in reaction to an observed need for a support group for the national broadcaster, specifically because of attacks on the ABC by the then newly-elected Fraser Government.

Nationally, Friends of the ABC / ABC Friends is made up of individual not-for-profit community organisations that are based in all states and territories and in some regional centres around Australia.  These bodies work co-operatively together when needs arise.

There are thousands of members of Friends all around Australia.  They come from all walks of life, but are united in their concern for the health and welfare of the ABC.  Like all the other Friends groups around the country, ABC Friends WA (ABCF-WA) aims to:-

  • inform people about events and changes, either internal or external, that concern or affect the ABC and its output across all media;
  • provide public meetings to hear from people of interest in relation to the ABC, and to question people of influence within and beyond the ABC on matters of concern;
  • use available means to lobby politicians about issues affecting the national broadcaster, and to encourage others to follow suit;
  • to be ever vigilant that the ABC remains true to the ABC Charter and Act of Parliament.

ABC Friends (WA) needs more members in order to become a stronger lobbyist in times of huge change within the media landscape, when a strong, national, independent, non-commercial broadcaster is needed more than ever before.

If you would like to sign up, click on the Join Us tag at the top of the page!


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