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Sign Getup’s petition for the ABC!

Recently members of the Government – including Cory Bernardi, Bronwyn Bishop and Ian Macdonald – agitated to defund Australia’s favourite public broadcaster.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi called our ABC a “taxpayer-funded behemoth”, and suggested that “we could perhaps cut the ABC budget and allow the commercial media operators to compete.”

Let’s sign and share this petition, and create a huge, instant response to stand up for our ABC:

Here’s why we need to oppose this now: they’ve pulled this move before. This is the Coalition throwing out a test balloon, so they can see how the public responds to their long-held desire to slash the ABC.

Pulled straight from the Christmas wishlist of Rupert Murdoch and right-wing think-tank the IPA, defunding or commercialising the ABC would ruin a rare, educational and uniquely Australian public resource.

We like our ABC free of ads, free for all, free to remain fair and balanced.

Will you make sure Tony Abbott knows to keep it that way?

The GetUp team.

PS – This is just the beginning. This is far from the first time politicians have tried to sell off our independent public resources.

In 2006, when Howard tried to further slash funding to the ABC, GetUp members came out in force, holding grassroots demonstrations around the country, and forced a back down. Earlier this year, members chipped in to run a national ad ensuring that the Victorian state Liberals backed down from threats to privatise the ABC. Join the fight again?


Keep the Abbott Government to its promise not to cut ABC funding.

On election-eve, when questioned by a journalist, Tony Abbott ruled out cuts to the ABC: 

The Government has established an Audit Commission to review government expenditure.

Make sure the Abbott Coalition Government keeps its promise not to cut ABC funding as the Howard Government did in 1996. Help to ensure as many people as possible know that Mr Abbott has promised not to cut the ABC’s funding, and that the Coalition knows that they know !

* Contact your local Coalition Member of Parliament, ensuring that s/he is aware that you live in their electorate. And/or contact a Coalition Senator in your state.

* Let them know the ABC is valuable to you, and that you are pleased the Coalition has promised that ABC funding will be maintained.

* Spread the word, and urge others to act too.

* Continue to remind the community and politicians of the Coalition’s pre-election promise at every opportunity.

Identify & contact your local MP and Senators.  Enter your postcode in the Keyword search box near the end of the page at